Belly Dancer


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Inside this giftbox:

  • Pure Eucommia Ulmoides Tea x1
  • Buckwheat Tea x1

Pure Eucommia Ulmoides Tea
Eucommia Ulmoides (Duchong) has always been highly valued for its therapeutic qualities since ancient China. In early 1980s, Dr. Takahashi, a Japanese pharmacy professor, conducted an in-depth study of Duzhong regarding its miraculous properties. Its leaf to be served as tea, is suitable for people concerned about healthy weight, blood pressure, kidney and liver. In Japan, it has been a top-selling product for over 30 years.

Buckwheat Tea
The tea is overflowing with intense buckwheat scent when brewing. High nutritional content, like dietary fiber, protein, minerals and micronutrients, is suitable for people concerned about intestinal health. It is recommended as a nutritional all-day-drink.