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Terms & Conditions


The following website terms and conditions of use (the “Terms and Conditions”) are on this website www.tongchicha.com (hereinafter referred to as “Site”) of visitors (“the Lord”) and JASMED GARDEN (hereinafter referred to as “JASMED GARDEN “or” we “) between, on your use of the legal agreement entered into this site. Based JASMED GARDNE allow you to enter this site, when you log in and use of this site, it means that in the absence of any restrictions or conditions, accept and agree to be legally bound by the following terms and conditions. If you do not agree to the following terms and conditions will not access or use this site.


This site contains information and research on JASMED GARDEN LTD (hereinafter referred to as “JASMED”) of its products and health and wellness related information (the “Site Content”), that any unilateral offer by JASMED GARDEN, and only for a better understanding of your use and enjoy TONGCHICHA product use,

This website and the content of book is for residents of the Region login and use, but does not exclude other possible into the login.

Health and medical conditions and information

The information published on this website from time to time related to health, including disease and its treatment with a number of stakeholders. In the event of any medical condition or persistent, we strongly recommend that you early treatment to health care or other medical professionals.

Login and use rights

“JASMED GARDEN give your personal, non-transferable and non-exclusive license, the can login to view, download and print this site are published from time to time, is for your personal and private, non-commercial use of the website content (including but not limited to all data, pictures, images, illustrations, designs, icons, photographs, video clips, and written and other materials). Where JASMED GARDEN without written permission, then you can not post, modify, transmit hair, reuse, repost, or use the Website in any content for public or commercial purposes, such as your circumstances permit and comply with these terms and conditions below, you can use this site to access these from time to time provided by JASMED GARDEN other relevant information through its website, materials and services, but also your consent.: In addition to the by accessing and using this website and content of the privileges granted under these Terms and Conditions, but for any content published on this web site, with no rights and permissions .JASMED GARDEN considers it necessary, the right to take appropriate measures (including legal action), in order to prevent the contents of this site or any site to be used without permission. All rights reserved .JASMED GARDEN, may at any time and for any reason, unilateral change, amend, suspend or terminate the Site or site Content, without commitment to your other obligations or responsibilities. / website content can make changes at any time in this web site or, without prior notification to you as you on this site, use of the website content, or any JASMED GARDEN operation of this website the terms, conditions, guidelines, actions or policies are dissatisfied, then you agree that: The only feasible way is to stop using this website. “


This website may contain hyperlinks to other websites of its use is limited to assist you to identify and search for other possible information Interested. These links do not represent any website to support these third-party sites (including JASMED GARDEN has reviewed the relevant websites) or have contact with these third-party sites, while JASMED GARDEN this or any other third-party sites published this ranking tripartite information website takes no responsibility. When you use a third-party website is entirely voluntary and must take risks. But you can not establish links to other sites of this website. Where JASMED GARDEN without prior written permission is prohibited cache record one hundred million you use body block box or similar forms, copy, reproduce or forwarding of this website or any part of the site content.

Limit the use of the website

You agree: When using this site, can not be: (i) post or transmit any file containing hair computer viruses, worms, Trojan horse programs or other display may be affected by the infection or destructive; (ii) posting advertising commercial solicitation or materials; (iii) post or transmit any hair or infringe any third party rights violations, or to third parties caused by injury or damage to the reputation of the content; or (iv) post or transmit hair containing indecent, obscene or pornographic content, or may be deemed to constitute or encourage conduct offenses rise to civil liability or possible violations of the content. When you log in and use the site. You can not use any spider, robot or other automated or electronic media monitoring, or copy pages from this Web site or any site content for any purpose. But you should not carry out any action or use any program or device, which may cause or intentionally interfere with the operation and function of the website, or make this site shut down, overloaded or overwhelmed.


Contents of this site for informational purposes only. JASMED GARDEN has taken all reasonable steps to ensure that all site content correct and in line with the current situation, but JASMED GARDEN not guarantee that any site content is completely accurate, complete, accurate, reliable and consistent with the latest status.

You acknowledge and agree that this site, JASMED GARDEN and / or Web site content is not intended to provide medical, health or other professional advice, and website content or these Terms and Conditions are posted on this web site said, should not be considered to understand or interpreted as medical advice or care act or provisions, or to take any specific action of the proposal. Any, or relevant information on the nutritional content or health benefits of tea products of TONGCHICHA. There are other health issues, purely general information, is for informational purposes; it is not a substitute for professional health care or medical advice and should not be relied upon. In view of the regulatory requirements of countries outside Hong Kong or Hong Kong is different from medical practice, may require different or additional information for reference; In view of this, this website does not apply to areas outside Hong Kong.

You agree: This website and the contents are based on “as is” offer, and is for your personal or private use, does not represent the position of any type or nature or warranties. To the maximum extent permitted by law, JASMED GARDEN not make any type or nature, position or warranty, express or implied, does not warrant or accuracy of any third-party materials of this site or site content, credibility, integrity and timely new sex . The advent of the Internet to transfer errors or delays, JASMED GARDEN is not responsible for, nor guarantee this website in no error or interference of operation, or this site or any site content from computer viruses and other hazardous factors, or this website or site content you can meet the requirements or expectations.

In any case, JASMED GARDEN affiliated or any officer, director, employee or agent, shall not be liable for any use or inability to use this website or any website content (including but not limited to any transfer or download web content from this website, also submitted to the Site or materials, or any missing files, or by the data or information you have provided stakeholders), or from the use of or reliance on the content of any website or arising from this website contain such other information of direct and indirect , consequential, incidental, special, punitive or exemplary damages, damages, injuries, costs, expenses, or other losses of any kind or nature (whether based on warranty, contract, tort, equity, absolute liability, patent or copyright infringement, or other legal justifications put forward), regardless of whether JASMED GARDEN informed of the possibility of such damages arise, or may reasonably be presumed to know there is such damages arise.

Privacy, the collection and use of personal data

JASMED GARDEN attaches great importance to your privacy and security of personal data. JASMED GARDEN JASMED GARDEN Privacy Policy describes how to collect and use certain information, including by the Lord to JASMED GARDEN individuals or the information provided through this website. To read the privacy policy JASMED GARDEN, please click here.

Compliance with Laws

At the same time, subject to these Terms and Conditions, you agree: Only use the Site and Site Content for lawful purposes, and in compliance with all applicable local, national or international laws and regulations. In any case, this site should not be used for illegal activities. Whether or not you use this website in any place, must comply with all applicable laws and regulations. You also agree and acknowledge using this site, in full compliance with the law jurisdictions ourselves in the Lord, and you do not subject to any restrictions prohibit the use of this site.


Several names posted on this website or the website’s content appears, text, title, statement, logo, designs, patterns, icons and logos, trademarks TONGCHICHA There may contain tea or registered name, and a member of its subsidiaries, the relevant company, authorized dealer or other third parties. These terms and conditions shall be construed as implicitly said, not self-refuting or license or right to use any other means such trademarks, names, marks, or other part of the East There are tea, its affiliated members, the relevant company or its licensees, or any other intellectual property rights of other third parties. Such permission, any such trademarks or registered name is prohibited to use or display.

Location and legal

This website JASMED GARDEN offices located in Hong Kong and its management. Once the log in this website, agrees to represent you and JASMED GARDEN: Where the access or use this website, as well as of all communications related to this site, transfer and transaction shall be deemed to carry on in Hong Kong, together with these Terms and Conditions bound by the laws of Hong Kong. You also agree and JASMED GARDEN: Regarding these matters to obey and implement admitted exclusive personal jurisdiction and venue of courts in Hong Kong.


You agree: on account of your login and use of this site, use the site content, or breach of these terms and conditions arising from the claims, actions, demands, losses, liabilities, damages, costs and expenses (including, but not limited to reasonable legal and accounting fees), and for TONGCHICHA, its affiliated members and relevant officers, directors, employees, professional advisors and agents to defend, indemnify and protect from damage.

Independent Terms

As in any arbitration, the Terms and Conditions of any provision in a court of competent jurisdiction to be ruled invalid, such terms and conditions should be necessary to limit the minimum or cut, and the remaining terms and conditions shall remain fully force and effect. This one electronic file, as well as other electronic documents incorporated herein by reference or included it will: (a) for any purpose, it should be regarded as “writing” or “written form” and meet all compliance with the written legal documents, contracts and other legal requirements, and (b) by the consent of the parties, the electronic document is a written document signed by legal effect. In legal proceedings or administrative proceedings, where these Terms and Conditions as the basis or stakeholders, notification Print version of these Terms and Conditions and any transfer of through the electronic form shall be admissible as evidence, and other equivalent forms using Print of business documents and records of the original, with the same effect.

Overall agreement with the transfer

Terms and Conditions (together with JASMED GARDEN the Privacy Policy) constitute the parties concerning you and JASMED GARDEN login and use of this Website and the content of the overall agreement. If this site does not match with any of the Terms and Conditions who yigai to these Terms and Conditions shall prevail. JASMED GARDEN may decide to transfer to any other person of the Terms and Conditions, and you are a non-negotiable terms and conditions.


Except with the written consent JASMED GARDEN, otherwise, you would supplement the proposed Terms and Conditions, amendment or modification, JASMED GARDEN will be unfettered. Where any of the terms and conditions of the exemption to be granted, shall be deemed to continue this and other terms and conditions or other terms and conditions or permanent exemption. GARDEN JASMED also made of all exemptions, must be in writing and signed by authorized JASMED GARDEN irrigation representatives.


In case of any dispute, covers the English text of this “Terms and Conditions” shall prevail.


All issued or presented to the notification and communication of any party, must be in writing and through the following e-mail from any party: tcc@tongchicha.com informed JASMED GARDEN, or you can use this site to provide the e-mail address to make JASMED GARDEN notification. Either party may change the contact information transmitted via e-mail, and to change the e-mail address is sent to the above e-mail address to the other party. JASMED GARDEN also be broadcast through the form of published notice or message about this website, or other important matters, and you agree that even if no real information about communication or notice through this website, such transmissions have been informed equivalent. Where, after notification by email or posted on the website, sent or posted forty-eight (48) hours in the e-mail will be deemed to have been served; as a party to be informed via email about the e-mail address is invalid, are permitted.

Subsisting Terms

Disclaimer stated in these terms and conditions, limitations of liability, interpretative provisions, or you have made the guarantee and indemnity after termination or expiration still valid.

Changing Terms and Conditions

All rights reserved JASMED GARDEN, be amended at any time on such terms and conditions. Every time you visit this site again, have a responsibility to read the terms and conditions, and to ensure that it knows the relevant amendments. If such terms and conditions (including the privacy policy JASMED GARDEN) to make changes, the relevant terms and conditions will be updated, and the latest version of the update date will be posted below. If you do not agree by the terms and conditions of the revised, should immediately stop using this website and login. The amendment has been posted, with your continued use of this Site, you acknowledge and accept the Terms and Conditions as amended.

Termination of service

You or we may at any time, for any reason or no according to the following reasons, the proposed suspension or termination of your account, or the right to use this website. You also must be terminated before personal service through its own account or the cause of the orders payable to be responsible. We reserve all rights to change at any time, suspend or terminate all or any portion of this website without prior notice.